Top 4 Ways To Lose Unwanted Pregnancy Weight

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Top 4 Ways To Lose Unwanted Pregnancy Weight


Eat Better

Tip number one of the top 4 ways to lose unwanted pregnancy weight is to improve the quality of the foods you’re eating. Those crazy binges that you allowed yourself to have while you were pregnant need to come to an end. Some women continue to gain weight after pregnancy because they allow themselves to keep eating the way they did while they were pregnant. Take control of your nutrition ASAP!

Even better, don’t allow yourself to develop poor eating habits when you get cytotec bogota. Though I have never been pregnant, I have been with my wife through two pregnancies. I understand that sometimes the only thing that tastes good or stays down is junk food. I don’t really have any advice for overcoming those things. What may help is reminding yourself that the food you eat is the same food your unborn child is using to grow and develop.


Yeah I know, it’s tough to get sleep with a new baby and I’m sure life hasn’t slowed down in the meantime. Even if it’s several short naps throughout the day, try to sleep a little more. Your body is in a high state of stress and your hormones are all over the place. Sleep may not cause you to burn more calories but it will help your body deal with the stress and give you energy to take care of that new baby. Less stress means less fat storage, so at least you won’t be adding to your surplus of body fat.


If you’ve just had your baby, make sure you’re cleared to exercise before you start. Once you’re ready start exercising regularly. Ease into it, don’t do too much at once, maybe only 20 or 30 minutes every other day. If you didn’t exercise during your pregnancy then it won’t take much to make your body sore and if your diet is still poor and your not sleeping enough then it will take a few days to recover.

Again you can be a little preventative here by continuing to exercise during pregnancy. Yes, contrary to popular belief ladies, you can still continue to exercise during pregnancy. Obviously this is assuming that there are no medical reasons that you shouldn’t be physically active. Also exercise during pregnancy should focus on maintaining strength and flexibility. Don’t try to lose weight or train for any marathons. To be safe check with your doctor about exercise limitations if you plan on exercising while your pregnant.