Creating an Effective Model Portfolio

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So you are thinking of getting into modelling of some sort for the first time but have heard people talk about a Model Portfolio and not sure if you should have one. Furthermore, what is it and more importantly what’s in it?

What is a portfolio?

A Portfolio is a collection of your Jane Rubin best professionally taken pictures either in printed format in a book or folder, on a CD or DVD disc or more commonly these days on-line in digital format. As time goes by it will also contain “Tear-Sheets” of your best work which are pages taken from published work (Magazine’s etc) from previous assignments you’ve done.

Do you need a Model Portfolio to get work?

The easiest answer to that is no, you don’t but a portfolio is like a CV in any other industry in that you don’t necessarily NEED one to get a job as let’s say a Receptionist or a Shop Assistant but it’s always best to have one just in case anybody asks to see what you’ve been doing or what you are capable of doing.

Agency Portfolio

Be aware of scams and agencies that tend to rip off inexperienced new models. If they want to charge you for having your portfolio done in order to sign up with their agency then it may not be the right one for you.

Independent or Freelance Model Portfolio

If you are thinking about being an independent or freelance model then you will have to build or make up your own Model Portfolio but you can always negotiate your way to getting this done for free.

A lot of Fashion Photography and Portrait Photography studios may agree to take your pictures for no fee in return for your time.

You can expect a set of images from the shoot on a CD or more likely in a downloadable format and maybe even a set of prints if you are lucky or good at negotiating.

Don’t expect a full portfolio to be produced from this one shoot but you will receive a good few select shots from the photographer to help build your collection.