Month: February 2022

Air Filters For Your Home’s Appliances Help Those With Allergies

There are so many websites today offering numerous ways to quit smoking, many the same or similar, some quite different. Today the government’s 1-800-QUITNOW hotline is receiving a record number of calls. From 2004 to 2010 the total number of calls received was just under three million. So far in just this year, 2011, there have been over six hundred thousand additional calls! It is clear that more Americans than ever before are seeking some way to end their habit/addiction to smoking cigarettes, and once and for all, stop smoking.

To successfully quit smoking, to really stop smoking, one must find the right solution to their problem. Many seek to stop smoking using the nicotine patch. The theory is that if one uses the nicotine patch, and slowly withdraws from nicotine by using less and less nicotine in the patches  MoonWLKR , that in the end, the desire to smoke will be gone. The success rate for this system is woefully small (1). In fact, it is similar (or less) to just trying to quit “cold turkey”. This tells us that the desire to smoke cannot simply be found in the addiction to nicotine. Surely that is a part of the syndrome, but it cannot be all of it, or the system would be 100% successful for each and every smoker using it. But it is not. Not even close. Far less than 10%

The same is true for those who choose to use the nicotine gum. This is gum saturated with nicotine in various amounts, used to withdraw from the addiction to nicotine. But nicotine gum works no better than does the nicotine patch (2).

One of the oldest programs to quit smoking is using a hypnosis program. Hypnotists have for decades been taking money from those who believe that a hypnosis to quit smoking program will help them to once and for all stop smoking. However, having been a clinical hypnotherapist in perhaps the largest and oldest hypnosis clinic in the USA, I can tell you that although I do believe hypnosis should be a part of a successful campaign to quit smoking, the vast majority of hypnotists do not know how to correctly use hypnosis to get their clients to quit smoking. So the end result is that using a hypnosis program to quit smoking is rarely successful in the long term.

In fact, Kerry Packer, who was, until his death in 2005, the most wealthy man in Australia and one of the world’s multibillionaires, is reported to have paid Marshall Sylver, a world renowned hypnotist, $100,000 for a single session of hypnosis to help him quit smoking. It did not take. Kerry Packer did not stop smoking through hypnosis.

To quit smoking now, what a smoker must do is begin to deal with the core issue that drives the desire to continue to smoke cigarettes. To quit smoking through hypnosis, the hypnosis must be properly applied. It should not focus on the present, telling the subject that they will no longer desire to smoke, or that the cigarettes will begin to taste like rotten eggs, or any other such nonsense. What the hypnotist must do is focus on the past, back to the time when the subject first decided to become a smoker. That point, the exact moment that smokers, almost invariably children of no more than fourteen, often as young as ten, the children started to hypnotize themselves into becoming smokers.

It is my firm belief that every smoker, every single one, is in a state of hypnosis. They hypnotized themselves into becoming smokers, as after all, any hypnotist worth his or her salt will tell you that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is not a capturing process as the old Dracula movies would suggest, but a leading process. In other words, the hypnotist leads the subject into a state of mind wherein the subject accepts and internalizes the suggestions of the hypnotist. But the hypnotist is not issuing commands, only offering suggestions that the subject may or may not choose to follow.

When someone tries to quit smoking after a decade or more after starting, they most often fail, and then believe it is because they lack the will power to overcome the addiction. Most see it as a weakness in their character. This is not true. What is true is that their inability to stop smoking by simply exerting their will is a testament to the commitment they made to themselves to become a smoker in the first place. They hypnotized themselves to start smoking, and they must reverse that hypnosis at the subconscious level to end it. To quit smoking, to stop smoking successfully and never desire to smoke again takes returning the person to the psychological state they were in before they committed to become a smoker.

I know there are those who smoke who will say, “I am not hypnotized!” But have they ever been hypnotized? Do they even know what being hypnotized feels like? Tell me this. Would anyone who is not in an altered state of consciousness (which takes them a step away from reality) knowingly take a chemically treated poison weed, wrapped in chemically treated poisonous paper, light it on fire and breath the toxic fumes from that fire as often as two hundred times per day (twenty cigarettes times ten drags from each) every day of their life for ten, twenty, thirty years or more, knowing that the end result may well be a painful, costly and prolonged death, and believe that they are experiencing some sort of “pleasure”, pay dearly to do that, and not be in a state of hypnosis?

No one starts smoking because they want to enjoy the taste of a burning cigarette. No one I have ever heard of enjoyed that first cigarette, especially after inhaling that first time. I know I didn’t. I became instantly nauseous and nearly threw up. I was dizzy and at ten years old, decided that smoking was not for me. MoonWLKR

Unusual Worktops

Choosing your brand-new worktop can be an overwhelming task full of technological jargon not to mention a huge range of different worktops to choose from. Not least of these are the strong surface area worktops. With their smooth lines as well as endless possiblilities solid surface area worktops are coming to be the option for your domestic worksurfaces. Although there are numerous strong surface areas on the marketplace Corian, Staron as well as Tempest are the marketplace leaders. Unlike a number of the cheaper surfaces on the marketplace the standard sheet density of is 12mm thick acrylic polymer base with all-natural fillers such as quartz. This consequently makes these worksurfaces durable enough for even the toughest home or work environment. Along with this both Dupont (Corian) and also Samsung (Staron and also Tempest) operate a detailed training procedure for all their certified and licensed makers. This consequently suggests that if you purchase from an accredited and also certified fabricator you can be certain of the craftsmanship of your task.

Myths Bordering Solid Surface Areas

It Scratches. Yet no more than any other kitchen surface. All Worktops do scrape yet just with too much usage such as repetitively utilizing it as a slicing surface area. This is true of all Kitchen Worktops, however the primary benefit with solid surface worktops is that they can be conveniently repaired. Many producers can supply you with a slicing board in a coordinating colour to your worktop either consisted of in the price or at a tiny added fee. Using this Chopping Board stops worktop scratches entirely.

You can’t place hot pans on the Worksurface While putting a red warm frying pan onto any kitchen work surface area is sick recommended and also will certainly either blanch, discolour or impact all worktops When it comes to strong surface area worktops hob bars can quickly be directed right into the surface beside hobs or “staging locations” within the kitchen. This prevents colour paling with even very warm frying pans. Now it is worth noting that placing an incredibly hot pan straight onto any cooking area worktop will certainly develop shed marks and or blanching of colour. In most cases manufacturers advise making use of frying pan stands and also trivets to prevent damage to the worktop. The Main benefits of Strong surfaces are that they are easily repairable meaning that in the unlikely even that damages does occur the damages can be fixed quickly.

Getting a Quote

As discussed earlier in the post both Dupont as well as Samsung advise that you make use of a licensed and also licensed fabricator to guarantee the top calacatta quartz worktop quality of the workmanship of your job in addition to getting approved for the particular ten year warranties used by both dupont and samsung. In many cases going straight to the maker will certainly additionally save you money usually as much as 40% or even more. When going direct to the fabricator the even more information you can give concerning your worktop needs the far better. To aid you acquire a fast and accurate quotation we have actually assembled the step by step overview below consisting of the information you will certainly be called for to give.

Get In Touch With Information Complete Call Installation Address consisting of any type of essential information eg High Apartment, Get in touch with Phone number consisting of a hassle-free time to contact you Email Address (Your Quote as well as Appropriate Information will certainly be emailed to you).

Timescale Please offer an approximate timescale of when you would certainly like job to start.

Provider Required Utilizing a licensed as well as accredited maker permits you to make use of the ten year warranty readily available for both Corian Worktops as well as Staron Worktops along with saving you money. For the most part every one of the three solutions listed below need to be requested to guarantee the best fitting of your cooking area worktop.

Templating A full MDF design template developed onsight allowing a made to gauge worktop to be created to the specific dimensions needed. This will likewise provide you an excellent graph of the size and shape of your worktops. Laser Templating Where needed a laser templator might be used as opposed to the mdf theme.

Construction This is the core of your worktop production and consists of shaping, thermoforming, and also manufacturing of your worktops to the highest possible requirements.

Installation A licensed and also accredited fabricator will certainly install your worktops and also will certainly enable you to get approved for the guarantee readily available from Dupont (Corian) and Samsung (Staron, Tempest).